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chao_saga's Journal

Chao Saga
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Community for postings of the terribly-drawn, awkwardly-written Chao Saga comics, a series of disjointed images and nonsequiturs using self-insertion characters in the form of Chao creatures from dreamcast-era Sonic the Hedgehog games for some reason.

You got all that?

Chao Saga is a fucked-up series of short comics that exist simply because ten years ago we found that chao characters were pretty easy to draw and we were so lazy it stuck for a decade. Ten years later, we're grown up, the dreamcast is dead, and our memories of Sonic the Hedgehog have been raped to death, and then raped more. While the Sonic franchise is still being raped right now, we still conjure up images of chao whenever we're too bored to make a joke NOT an inside-joke.

There is no backstory to understand, really. The characters are all obnoxious stereotypes and serve no purpose other than to simply reinforce our incredibly narrow perceptions of mankind and the foibles therein. Also they look funny.

CHARACTERS (if you can call them that):

Gaycha- Jay's penultimate self-insertion character; a nonsensical, supposedly gay character that he lived vicariously through until coming out of the closet.

Spewichu- A character born of the notion that Chao are simply bastardized pokemon; chronically ill chao who tends towards leadership roles when not vomiting.

Alan Jr- A chao whose shame over his namesake eventually manifested itself as a ubiquitous paper bag replacing his own head. Alcoholic stereotype, among other things.

Cheletor- Quasi-sentient animate garbage can from a parallel universe. Home to an infinity of folded-space sub-dimensions within. Speaks erratically, enjoys 'Frasier.'

Tard- Incoherent, oxygen-deprived chao messiah. Speaks in broken english, single-handedly developed cold fusion, can fly or something, maybe eye lasers too I guess?